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Awesome yesterday: S.I.C. spoils and others

Yesterday was awesome. Maybe almost one of your most common trips but nonetheless it was aye okay. I had fun! It started off with a book sale at the mall. And a good one at that! It was a buy one take one with the cheapest prices. We each ended up getting five books from that sale and I don’t regret it:) next, we walked out to have lunch ending up at the designing-your-own-pizza pizza place. I fought my boyfriend to get our appetite going with a badminton racket while he used my umbrella since we couldn’t find him another racket to use as a sword. We ran around on the outer part of the second floor. I was also gifted with a Loz of the Tokyo tower before we sat to eat. After eating we requested for a list for the music playlist that was playing while we chowed. Good music too. My boyfriend and I assumed that it was an indie from elsewhere and we were probably right too but unfortunately the guy said that he would have to another time ‘cause he didn’t have the list with him then.
Then we headed off to the other mall that wasn’t so far from us to check on the model kits, figmas and restocks. My boyfriend ended up buying the big ass mega size 1/48 Char’s Zaku II and some markers for his customers while I spied the S.I.C. figures of tackle and stronger that was on the shelf since the day I wanted it for the both of us. I pitched in some money (FINALLY I SPENT) to get the S.I.C. figures and we both got a bunch of free stuff that day.
It was a special day well spent and fun nonetheless!

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